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Best Vitamin C Serums in 2017

Vitamin C is fast becoming the new wonder ingredient for beauty products. Shown to eradicate fine lines, reduce wrinkles, make your skin radiant and firm and repair the damage done to your skin by the sun and free radicals, Vitamin C is definitely a great thing to slather all over your facial skin. Vitamin C has been cropping up in face masks, body washes, moisturisers and eye creams, however, it exists in its most concentrated form in the form of Vitamin C serums. These serums are great for delivering a real Vit C boost to your skin. There are more and more of these serums on the market every month, and so, to help you to make an informed decision about which serum you buy we have created a handy guide to different Vitamin C serums that you can purchase on Amazon. Below, you will find a super guide to 7 of the best Vitamin C serums on the (online) UK marketplace today. And, perhaps unsurprisingly given our pervasive association of oranges with Vitamin C, many of these products have a delicious light scent of orange. Read on to find out which serum is best for you.

Top Vitamin C Serums available in the UK in 2017

1 – Kleem Organics Skin Care Professional Age Defying Vitamin C Serum

2 – Amélie Skincare Vitamin C Serum (20%)

3 – Pure Body Naturals Vitamin C Serum For Face With Hyaluronic Acid, 20%

4 – Laila London Replenishing Midnight Facial Oil Serum 100%

5 – Toulon Vitamin C Serum With Hyaluronic Acid For Face

6 – Guinot Serum Liftosome Lift Firming Face Serum 30ml (Salon Size)

7 – Green Keratin Men Hyaluronic C Day and Night Facial Serum



Kleem Organics Skin Care Professional Age Defying Vitamin C Serum

Kleem Organics - Vitamin C Serum

This is an organic, all natural product to truly rejuvenate your skin with a pure vitamin-c kick. The great thing about Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum is the lack of strange chemicals on its small ingredients list. This lightweight serum is packed with essential oils such as jojoba and vitamin E, as well as aloe vera and hyaluronic acid that never creates a feeling of slickness or greasiness, which can promote break outs. This day-or-night serum is always a perfect balance for those with sensitive and mature skin. The scent is fresh and floral, comforting enough to be used as a night-time product to help relax the mind and soothe tired skin. When you first use this product, you can almost immediately feel the difference in your skin’s texture; it feels firmer, plumper, and moisturized. It soaks in in minutes, making it an excellent addition to anyone’s skincare and makeup regimen. You’ll see a significant decrease in the appearance of fine lines and age spots, and the same vibrancy one can expect from a spa facial. What’s more, you can rest assured in knowing that you are purchasing a product that is certified cruelty-free.


Amélie Skincare Vitamin C Serum (20%)

This cool, contemporary little bottle packs a powerful punch. It is filled with lots of hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, ferulic acid and hyaluronic acid. The vitamin C helps to brighten skin, fight free radicals and boost the production of collagen. The other ingredients have a variety of properties, including smoothing out wrinkles, protecting from sun damage and encouraging freckles and blemishes to fade. If you love your freckles this may not be the perfect serum for you, but if you are looking for something that will repair the damage that too much sun has done to your skin and give you a lovely even complexion, this could be the very best product for you. This serum feels wonderfully light to apply, and it has a refreshing scent. It soaks into the skin without feeling greasy. And, it’s paraben free and vegan too!


Pure Body Naturals Vitamin C Serum For Face With Hyaluronic Acid, 20%


This serum comes in a very vibrant and modern looking bottle, and its compact size makes it ideal for slipping into your handbag for use whenever you need it. Instantly absorbed, this serum shows its effects right away with skin that looks youthful and brighter. So, it is ideal for using to touch up your complexion in the middle of a night out. This serum has a very light scent and a milky white hue. It can be applied using the pipette in the lid, and it is handy to have a cotton pad on hand to sweep it over the face. As it is non-shiny and non-greasy, this serum is a great base for your make up and so it is ideal for applying right after you have cleansed your face and just before you start to apply foundation. The key benefits of this serum are repairing sun damage and smoothing away wrinkles. In fact, this is a serum that is designed to apply topically to particularly sun damaged areas of the face. So, you do not need to smooth it over the entire face if you do not want to.


Laila London Replenishing Midnight Facial Oil Serum 100%

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This is another classic herbal serum which places great emphasis on being an all natural blend. Here, jojoba oil meets evening primrose, rosehip, lavender and plenty of other herbal oils that have been stapled parts of skin care products for centuries. As such, this serum has a very comfortingly familiar scent and a lovely gentle consistency that is neither overly heavy nor greasy. Once applied to the skin, the serum’s effects are felt in around 5 minutes in the form of tighter skin and smoothed out wrinkles. This is a serum that works particularly well on the delicate skin around the eyes. As it is a very light cream, you can also use this serum in the same way that you would use a daytime moisturising cream. However, as its name suggests, this serum also makes a wonderful part of a night time beauty regime thanks to its soothing feel and calming lavender scent. Use it after cleansing your skin and before applying any heavier night moisturisers. Make sure to allow the serum to sink into your skin properly (this usually takes a few minutes) before adding any other moisturising products to your skin as otherwise, you might dilute the pure Vitamin C hit!


Toulon Vitamin C Serum With Hyaluronic Acid For Face

This is perhaps the most luxurious looking serum on the list. And, it is another serum that combines vitamin C with hyaluronic acid to combat sun spots and other blemishes. As such, this is another great serum for people who want to undo the damage done to their skin by sun exposure. This is not a particularly viscous system, in fact, it takes the form of a rather runny gel. This makes it perhaps a little difficult to manage to start off with as you attempt to squirt it from the pipette onto your skin. However, it is very easy to smooth all over your face. This is another serum that contains herbal ingredients such as jojoba oil and this gives it a very gentle and light herbal scent that is not overpowering. If you are looking for a serum that has good anti-ageing properties, then this is a great choice. Toulon is a totally cruelty-free brand, too, so it is one that vegans and anyone interested in cruelty-free cosmetics will naturally gravitate towards.


Guinot Serum Liftosome Lift Firming Face Serum 30ml (Salon Size)

This is a more synthetic smelling serum than the other products on the list. Here, Vitamin C takes somewhat of a back seat and is used alongside horsetail extract and vitamins E and F more to enrich it. Whilst the other products on this list concentrate on providing you with a vitamin C boost that can be absorbed directly into the skin, this is more of an all round facial serum that boosts collagen and gives the skin added clarity and smoothness. Some people may find the scent of this product slightly overpowering as it has more of a synthetic perfume to it than the other serums on this list (which have more neutral herbal smells to them). A great choice if you are not looking for something organic and if you want an all round anti-ageing effect.


Green Keratin Men Hyaluronic C Day and Night Facial Serum

It is definitely worth including a men’s skincare product in this list. All too often, facial serums are implicitly marketed solely for women, even though all of the serums on this list can be used by absolutely anyone. This is a wonderful light organic serum which uses plenty of delectable botanicals, including jojoba oil and thistle oil. The inclusion of tangerine and lavender essential oils gives this serum a fantastic scent. Meanwhile, the use of vegan hyaluronic acid means that this is a cosmetic that is both cruelty-free and great for reducing wrinkles and fine lines and repairing sun damaged skin. This is a gorgeously smooth and creamy serum, which can be applied in the same way as a light facial moisturiser. However, it is important to note that (unlike a regular moisturiser), you only need to use a very small amount of serum (one or two pumps of the nozzle) to cover your whole face as there is plenty of vitamin C in every drop of this serum. If you need extra moisturising properties for your face, then you can apply the serum, allow the skin to absorb it for a few minutes, and then follow up with your favourite moisturiser.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are all face serums the same?

  • Not all of them are created equal. The best ones are those packed with natural and organic ingredients.
  • Look for products that have proven results with great customer reviews.

Are serums suitable for combination skin?

  • They are lightweight and thin, which is great for any skin type. You only need a small, pea sized amount for your entire face. You can bring any excess down to your neck, too!

Can they be used on people with dark skin?

  • A patch test is always recommended if you are unsure.
  • Serums are suitable for any skin type and tone, but it’s always worth trying a small amount to see how your skin reacts to new products.

Are serum results immediate? What can I expect?

  • As with any skin care product, long-term results take time. It is recommended to try the product for at least two months.
  • Almost instantly, you may feel tighter, vibrant, and smoother skin. In the long term, serums are proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, clear age spots, and protect from harmful UV rays.

How does one apply a serum?

  • Apply with the tips of the fingers a small, pea sized amount. Smooth upwards onto the entire face, making delicate tapping motions to help the protect absorb into the skin.
  • Wear underneath your moisturizer for the best results. Once dry, apply makeup as usual. Foundation will have a smoother texture, giving you a glow-from-within appearance.

How long does a bottle of serum typically last?

  • On average, they tend to last 2-4 months.

Can serums be used during pregnancy?

  • When pregnant, consulting your dermatologist before trying any new skincare is highly recommended.
  • Although, there have been no medical warnings applied to natural face serums.

Can serum be used with an exfoliant?

  • Yes; it would be best to use the exfoliant first, to clear dead skin cells and make it easier for the product to penetrate the skin. Then, use your favourite moisturizer on top.

Are serums able to be applied around the eyes?

  • Most serums are light and gentle enough to be used around the eyes. They’re designed for all skin types, including the delicate skin surrounding your lower lash line.
  • Apply around the eyes with light tapping motions to increase blood flow to the area.

How often should I use my serum?

  • Use as directed on the label, but one application per day is safe and effective.

Does the product expire quickly?

  • They typically last from 6 months up to 1 year after opening. Most have an expiration date for reference.

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