About Me


The road to beauty is a jungle. I should know; people always called me a Plain Jane. And I must admit, I do love those makeup free days (as you can see by my picture) - this blog started out from my fascination with beauty and the transformative powers of make-up!

My name is Emilie Hagstörm. Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden to a Swedish Father and an English Mother. Currently, I am living in Copenhagen Denmark where I am finishing my degree in Pharmacy from the University of Copenhagen.

So, an official welcome to my makeup and beauty blog where; I offer tutorials to help you discover new looks and applications and plenty of tips to make your beauty regime easy and fun. Last but not least, I spend the time to test the products, so that all you have to do is read, buy and look your absolute best!  

The best tips

I’m always scouring the web, speaking to friends and reading beauty magazines to find new tips and ideas. On this blog I’ll let you know which ones work and which ones are just worth avoiding! I love trying out all the tips I can find, so you can decide which ones to bother with! Whether it relates to perfecting the ideal eyebrow arch, choosing the right lipstick colour, matching foundation to your unique skintone or selecting the right face mask, I’m going to try to seek out the best tips available!

Beauty tutorials

Check out my tutorials page to learn all the tricks of the beauty and make-up trade. Looking for ideas for a special event, night out, black tie ball or natural day look? My tutorials page will help you to learn new skills and try new looks with confidence. Don’t waste time getting it wrong, see my tutorial videos!

Product reviews

I spend a small fortune on beauty and make-up – so you don’t have to! I’ll be writing in-depth and honest reviews about all the products that I think are well worth spending money on – and those which simply aren’t. Check out this section for unbiased, informative and detailed product reviews to help you with your own purchases.

Why FamousMakeup?

I repeat, the road to beauty is a jungle and over time I’ve realised that everyone has completely different opinions, views and experiences with beauty products and that it’s very hard to get honest views on what is worth investing in, and what isn’t.

With the beauty market becoming ever more complicated, the daily “ground-breaking” products and formulations, my blog will make it easy to understand which products you might want to try.

With a background as a Pharmacist, I use a scientific approach to research what REALLY works. When you read one of my beauty reviews you’ll know that it is honest and unbiased because I don’t work for a make-up retailer or manufacturer, and I’m completely independent. I’m aiming to share my passion and love for the subject with lots of new readers. I know all too well how wonderful you can look when you get your make-up right – and also how you feel when your beauty regime just isn’t working!

Don’t waste time or money on beauty products that aren’t right for you – join this community, get the inside scoop, learn about what’s new in the market and share my passion for one of the most enjoyable girly topics out there – fantastic beauty and fun make-up for everyone!