Best Body Brush: 2021 Reviews And Top Picks

Dry brushing your body has many health benefits, which is why it's important to pick the best body brush for you.

As we grow older, our lymphatic system tends to become sluggish. The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs responsible for the transport of body fluids and removal of the metabolic waste. With the skin being the largest organ of our body, dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system.

Besides decongesting the lymphatic system, dry brushing removes the dead skin cells. A large number of dead skin cells stick to the skin surface for a long period. It becomes the breeding ground for microorganisms. As dry brushing improves the circulation to the skin, it helps in the reduction of cellulite as well. That is why you should use a body brush to exfoliate your skin and keep the skin healthy and beautiful. 

Before you go ahead and start enjoying the benefits of dry brushing, you need to know which is the best body brush for your needs.

❶ Rengora Body Brush/Dry Skin Brush 

Lymphatic Drainage Massager - Body Brush - Dry Skin Brush - Get Gorgeous Skin - Perfect for Dry...
300 Reviews
Lymphatic Drainage Massager - Body Brush - Dry Skin Brush - Get Gorgeous Skin - Perfect for Dry...
  • Enjoy SOFTER, SMOOTHER, SEXIER looking skin - thanks to the...
  • RELAX as your daily dry brushing routine turns into an AT-HOME...


  • Can work as back scratcher 
  • Small & easy to travel with


  • May be rough on sensitive skin 

Editor's review

The rengora dry body brush is made of natural boar bristles. The angled handle makes it easy to hold the brush. For those who travel a lot, it is a good choice as it can easily fit into most carry-bags. Also, you don't need to carry a separate foot scrubber as you can use the brush as a foot scrubber as well. Its premium packaging also makes it a good choice as a gift to a loved one.

You can enjoy the health benefits associated with dry brushing with it, but you need to follow a few simple tips to make the most out of it; You should avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or soaking it in water for too long. Oiling the brush handle once in a while will increase its lifespan. The best time for dry brushing is before you go to sleep or before you take shower. Make sure that you rinse it well with warm soapy water after every use. It is good to air dry the brush and not keep it wet for long. 

Best Pick

❷ Hydrea Professional Body Brush

Hydrea Professional FSC* Beechwood Body Brush with Natural Bristles (Medium Strength)
123 Reviews
Hydrea Professional FSC* Beechwood Body Brush with Natural Bristles (Medium Strength)
  • Professional Body Brush for dry skin brushing
  • Medium strength natural bristles, suitable for those with...


  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Great exfoliator
  • FSC certified beechwood 


  • May be rough on sensitive and soft skin 

Editor's review

The hydrea brush is a perfect choice for vegans who tend to avoid any kind of animal products. Its cactus bristles are curved cut to make sure that you don't scratch your skin during brushing. The brush is not suitable for use in a shower. You can use it before taking a shower as bath will help get rid of dead skin residue. It is very effective in dusting off the dead skin cells from your skin.

However, if you have an extra soft skin, its bristles may feel too harsh. People with small hands or a soft grip will find the strap very helpful for a comfortable grip. If you find the brush too harsh initially, you should use it very lightly in the beginning. 

❸ Pixnor Professional Wooden Brush

Pixnor Professional Wooden Dry Skin Body Brush with Natural Bristles
126 Reviews
Pixnor Professional Wooden Dry Skin Body Brush with Natural Bristles
  • Material: Wood natural bristle
  • Medium stiffness bristles give erasing stimulating and leave skin...


  • Bristles are just the right balance of soft & harsh
  • Vegan-Friendly & Cruelty Free
  • Hand band allows for a firm hold


  • Bristles may fall after after some months

Editor's review

This brush has wood natural bristles and it is suitable for vegans. The bristles don't feel too harsh even during the first use. The hand band makes it easy to hold the brush during use. Bristles tend to get a little softer after a few weeks of use. People with extra soft skin will find it suitable for them. If you are used to hard bristles, you may find its bristles to be too soft. It is perfect for those who are new to dry brushing. The bristles don't feel harsh at all but do the job well. It improves the blood circulation and exfoliates the skin.

 Cons - The bristles may start falling off after a few months. 

Buying guide & common questions

Vegan If you are a vegan and don't want to use any animal product whatsoever, you must consider the material used, particularly for the bristles.

Travel If you are a frequent traveler, you should avoid buying a body brush too large in size. Make sure that the body brush does not take too much space in your travel bag. 

Product Life Though body brushes don't cost a lot at all, some people like to continue using the brush for years and don't want to replace it too often.

Grip You need to hold the brush for a few minutes during use. Make sure that you buy a brush which is easy to hold.

Dry brushing your body has enormous benefits for your skin and health. Make sure that you buy the best body brush for your needs.

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