Primers Mature SkinMature Skin

Best Primers for Mature Skin

Recently, makeup primer has become a popular addition to beauty regimens everywhere. Primer creates a smooth base to help makeup and foundation apply more evenly and last far longer. When used correctly, primer also helps conceal pores, reduce shine, hide fine lines, and blur imperfections. Unfortunately, not all primers are well suited to mature skin. Mature skin requires additional moisture …

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Best Mascara for Older and Thinning LashesMature Skin

Best mascara for older women and thinning lashes

Women everywhere are constantly looking for products that make them look their best, so they can feel their best. Looking good is strongly correlated with success at work, in relationships, and with high self-esteem. While many associate beauty products with younger women, there is a high demand for cosmetics for older women. Older women want great cosmetic products, but many …

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