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Best Foundation for Mature Skin: Our Selection

During the course of life, our bodies will inevitably go through several different phases which will naturally affect our skin. Nobody is insusceptible to the inevitable changes our skins undergo as we age. Whether you had a perfect complexion as a teenager, change must occur. From age 35 onward, especially when you are over 50 or 60, the skin tends …

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Eye Care

Best Eyelash Glues and Adhesives

Our top picks of the best eyelash glues and adhesives. What is the best glue for eyelashes? 1 – Revlon Lash Glue in Clear 2 – Ardell Duo Striplash Adhesive 3 – Ardell Professional For Strip Lashes Clear Adhesive 4 – Technic False Eyelash Glue X3 5 – Girls with Attitude Hypoallergenic Eyelash Adhesive Like a great moisturizer, a long-lasting eyelash …

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Kabuki Makeup BrushTools

Best Kabuki Makeup Brush

Our top picks of the best kabuki brush sets, perfect for powder or liquid makeup. Blending, highlighting, contouring brushes included. What is the best kabuki makeup brush set? 1 – Makeup Brush Foundation Kabuki Set 2 – Professional Malika Jafrin Kabuki 10 Piece Kit 3 – Nirè Beauty 12 Makeup Brush Set 4 – USpicy Makeup Brushes 5 – LyDia Professional …

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Primers Mature SkinMature Skin

Best Primers for Mature Skin

Recently, makeup primer has become a popular addition to beauty regimens everywhere. Primer creates a smooth base to help makeup and foundation apply more evenly and last far longer. When used correctly, primer also helps conceal pores, reduce shine, hide fine lines, and blur imperfections. Unfortunately, not all primers are well suited to mature skin. Mature skin requires additional moisture …

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