Best Blackhead Remover Masks: 2021 Reviews And Top Picks

Every time you try to squeeze out one of the blackheads away, you find dozens more to deal with. Don't try too hard to scrub them away and damage your skin. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it demands proper care to stay in the best and most radient shape.

Blackheads are very common and you don't need to panic, but take effective measures to get rid of them. Below you will find the Best Blackhead remover masks for you. 

❶ LuckyFine Nose Blackhead Removal Mask

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  • Easy to use
  • Effective


  • Not suitable for dry skin

Editor's review

This mask is suitable for people with large pores, greasy skin, and wrinkles. You must perform a patch test on the inside of your arm. If you see any redness or some other allergy symptoms or you have very sensitive skin, you must not use it on your face.

It cleanses dirt and blackheads from the pores and makes the skin tender and smooth. The results are noticeable right after the first time use. Moisturizing the skin with a natural oil after its use can help your skin retain the tenderness.

It is fairly easy to use and you need around twenty minutes for it to work.

Best Pick

❷ ToullGo Black Face Mask

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  • Removes blackheads & dead skin cells
  • Easy to use


  • Not suitable for sensitive skin

Editor's review

Black Face Mask by ToullGo is an activated charcoal formulation for purifying the skin by removing blackheads, dead cell deposits, and other impurities. It eliminates excess oil to keep the face smoother. It is important to first test the mask by applying it on the hands and ears before applying it on the face.

You will need 30-40 minutes for the mask to work and it is pretty easy to use. If you are prone to skin irritations, you must avoid the mask or consult your dermatologist. It can cause slight discomfort while peeling off.

❸ LDREAMAM Blackhead Remover Mask

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  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Effecient 


  • Not suitable for exta-senstive skin

Editor's review

This blackhead remover mask uses activated charcoal for adsorption of the grime, blackheads and dead skin cells. It uses ingredients such as glycerine and aqua. You can use it on a daily basis to maintain the smoothness of the skin.

It is recommended for people with large pores blackheads, strawberry nose or oily skin blackheads.

It is fairly easy to use. You need a hot towel to open the skin pores before applying the mask. You must test it on your arm or ear before using it on your face. First-time users may find it little messy to handle and difficult to remove. It must be handled carefully.

❹ Natureguess Activated Charcoal Blackhead Remover

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  • Suitable for men & women
  • Easy application due to silicon brush
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • May not be suitable for sensitive skin

Editor's review

This Natureguess blackhead remover by Blimp Group is suitable for women as well as men. It draws out debris and blackheads effectively. It comes with a silicone brush to apply it over the face. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee.

It is important to test it behind the ears or inside of the arm first. Also, you must ensure that you use the adequate amount as thin film can be difficult to remove. You need around half an hour for it to work and the process is fairly simple.

❺Natural Charcoal Mask By Galact

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  • Removes blemishes & blackheads
  • Leaves skin looking fresh


  • May not be suitable for very oily skin

Editor's review

This activated charcoal formulation by Galact is suitable for people with fine lines, blemishes, oily skin and blackheads. You must test the mask by applying it behind your ears and inside of the arms. If you have very oily skin, it might not work as well for you. You can try it or consult your dermatologist.

It removes dead surface skin cells, blackheads, whiteheads and gives skin a fresh look.

It is not suitable for people with sensitive skin and you must not let it come in contact with your eyes. It is fairly easy to apply and remove.

Buying guide & common questions

Choosing The Best Blackhead Removing Mask

It is important to know which is the best blackhead remover mask for you before you go ahead and get one. You must take the following factors into account:

Active Components - Active components such as activated charcoal, alpha hydroxy acids, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid treat the blackheads and give your skin a fresh look.

Skin Type - You must know your skin type and choose a product formulated for it.

Ease of Use - Choose a mask which is easy to apply and remove without any kind of discomfort.

What are Blackheads and what causes them?

The mixture of sebum, oil released by the skin and dead skin cells get accumulated in the pores. To keep your skin in the best shape, you must follow a good skin care regime. Though regular cleaning and exfoliating help significantly, it does not make you completely immune to blackheads.

When the mixture of sebum, dead skin cells and dirt gets exposed to the air, it gets oxidized. Oxidation turns this mixture blackish and washing your face alone cannot solve the problem.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads?

Blackheads need special treatment as it is not easy to pull out the dead skin cells and sebum out of clogged pores. There are certain adsorbents such as active charcoal that can suck the oil, dirt and dead cells out of pores.

Activated charcoal is processed to have extremely tiny pores. Its high porosity makes it an extremely efficient adsorbent. It can absorb several times more weight than its own. When it is used on skin, it starts absorbing sebum, dirt, grime, germs, etc. out.

It is important to note that you must use activated charcoal or other such adsorbents in proper formulations. To get rid of blackheads, you don't want to damage your skin. You can use them in the form of face masks especially formulated to remove blackheads from your face.

Can Blackhead Remover Masks Damage My Skin?

They can damage your skin if you don't follow the instructions or overuse them. If you follow the instructions and don't use them more than necessary or if you don't have extra-sensitive skin, they don't do any damage to your skin. It is important to note that besides the gunk, dead skin cells and blackheads, they can also pull hairs and slightly rupture the skin cells on the top layer. You can easily deal with the issue by applying a natural oil or moisturizer that your skin can quickly absorb.

Can I Use Blackhead Remover Masks If I Have Sensitive Skin?

You should do a patch test on the inside of your arm or consult a skin care expert before using the blackhead removal mask on your face.

How Frequently Should I Use A Blackhead Removal Mask?

Too much of a good thing often turns it into a bad thing. Most products can be used once or twice a week, but you should also read the precautions listed on the product and talk to your skin care expert for the best advice for your skin.


If you have an extra-sensitive skin, you must do the patch tests or talk to your dermatologist about using a blackhead remover. Blackheads do need special treatment as it is not easy to get rid of them with regular exfoliators.

To make the blackhead remover work more efficiently, you must open your pores using a hot towel. Active components such as activated charcoal can absorb all the debris, blackheads and dead skin cells leaving your skin fresh. However, it is best practice to moisturize your skin using a natural moisturizer after one or two hours of its use.

Blackhead remover mask can help you get rid of blackheads completely, but it is important to take the necessary precautions and use proper directions for use. 

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