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Best Primers for Oily Skin

Oily skin is a problem encountered by millions of individuals from all walks of life. Unfortunately, one of the end results of oily skin is that it can be very difficult for make-up to remain in place throughout the day. One of the best ways to avoid this situation is to utilise a primer that is specifically designed for this type of skin. Let us take a look at what many consider to be the top primers for oily skin as well as some of the unique features that each is able to provide.

Our Selection of Top Primers

1 – Photo Finish by Smashbox Foundation Primer 30ml

2 – Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 12hr Perfecting Primer

3 – Too Faced Primed & Poreless Primer

4 – Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector 40ml

5 – Rimmel Stay Matte Primer, 30 ml

Here are some of the best primers for oily skin:

1. Photo Finish by Smashbox Foundation Primer 30ml

This product is arguably one of the best primers currently on the market today. One of the reasons why Smashbox is considered to be an ideal choice is the presence of numerous antioxidants within its formulation. These will provide the skin with the nutrients that it requires throughout the day. The silky smooth consistency of this primer offers superior levels of comfort while its ability to soak into the skin ensures that one’s make-up will remain firmly in place. Another massive advantage of Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer is that it contains a number of skin-friendly botanical products. Some examples include orchid complex, aloe and soothing lemongrass. All of these can help to further enhance the beneficial effects to the skin while providing a further sense of reliability; ideal for today’s working woman.

2. Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 12hr Perfecting Primer

The fact that this product is able to stand up to no less than twelve hours of active use is one of the reasons that it is rated highly by nearly every user. This attribute is further bolstered by ratings of 4.5 out of 5 by the majority of Amazon customers. Much like the other products within this category, two of its main ingredients are vitamin A and vitamin D. A unique combination of herbs such as rosemary extract, hibiscus flower, avocado and goji berry add extra benefits to both the dermis and epidermis alike. It is said that Tarte Perfecting Primer is also excellent at increasing circulation as well as reducing facial inflammation; both massive benefits for those who wish to look their best on a daily basis.

3. Too Faced Primed & Poreless Primer

Too Faced is a brand which has enjoyed a significant amount of popularity over the years due to the reliability of its products. This primer specifically designed for oily skin is indeed no exception. Customers have noticed beneficial effects after only a few applications and thanks to its highly concentrated formulation, only a small amount needs to be applied. Seen as being an excellent “blank slate” for the subsequent addition of make-up, Too Faced Primed and Poreless Primer can be used in combination with bronzing agents, foundations and nearly any other type of powder. Some of its other benefits include the ability to reduce pore size, to hydrate the underlying skin, to offer enhanced elasticity and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. As this primer can be applied on any skin tone, it truly is a universal solution for those who suffer from oily skin. Some of the main ingredients (besides vitamins A, D and E) include mulberry extract, white tea essence and camellia oil. A final feature worth noting is that this brand contains retinol. This chemical is excellent at protecting the skin while fighting the damages that are caused by the natural occurrence of free radicals.

4. Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector 40ml

Unlike some low-quality primers, this cream contains no silicone. Its water-based properties are therefore ideally suited for someone who is already suffering from oily skin. This attribute also enables its formulation to be quickly absorbed into the skin and provide a firm base for the subsequent application of make-up. Superior levels of protection can therefore be enjoyed throughout the day. Many clients claim that it can easily remain in place for up to ten hours. So, Becca Matte Poreless Priming Perfector is a great option for women whose lives are defined by a rather busy work schedule. A notable lack of alcohol and fragrances is another advantage, for these components may cause sensitive skin to become irritated. This primer has an extremely lightweight feel and is specifically designed for women who may find that other products designed for oily skin have fallen short of their promises.

5. Rimmel Stay Matte Primer, 30 ml

The thicker composition of this primer is perfect for those who are looking to display a matte appearance throughout the day. Another great benefit of this primer is that unlike some other products, it can be worn alone as well as used as a foundation for the subsequent application of make-up. Many users also feel that this product is even more beneficial when the temperatures outside rise. In most cases, even sweating will not cause the primer to fail. As Remel Stay Matte Primer is specifically designed for oily skin, it is perfectly capable of handling even the most demanding of make-up applications while its constituent ingredients will provide much-needed moisture and elasticity. While Remel Matte Stay Primer does not offer herbal components, the fact of the matter is that this version is certainly one of the most effective products currently on the open market.

Here are our top 4 brands:

1. Laura Mercier

Not only does Laura Mercier Cosmetics offer some of the most respected types of make-up in the industry today, but this company is known for its selection of primers for oily skin. Examples here include Secret Finish and Oil-Free Foundation Primer. Founded in 1996, Laura Mercier Cosmetics was intended to meet the needs of all skin types and the collection is suited for women of all ages. In fact, Laura Mercier Cosmetics was awarded the 2009 Best Beauty Buys award by InStyle magazine. Those who are looking for high-quality prices and who are unwilling to settle for anything but the best should consider the products offered by Laura Mercier.

2. Sunday Riley

Billed as a company which has combined modern science with traditional formulations, Sunday Riley is another brand to note. The main philosophy behind every product is that applications should be quick and simple although the wearer needs to be able to enjoy hours of continuous use. Products designed for oily skin such as Artemis Lipid Serum will provide a strong foundation for make-up while simultaneously offering a host of botanical ingredients. Thus, the woman can remain assured that the health of her epidermis is never sacrificed for sheer beauty alone.

3. Yves Saint Laurent

It should come as no great surprise that Yves Saint Laurent has made this list. Having been involved with the cosmetics and fashion industries since as far back as 1953, this company is now one of the most respected in the world. Another benefit here is that the sheer variety of products is nearly unparalleled. Those who suffer from oily skin conditions can select items such as Touche Eclat Blur Primer. This primer offers a unique formulation that is lightweight and yet provides a superior sense of control. Thankfully, this and countless other products are available through trusted sites such as The perfect primer for oily skin is indeed much closer than many woman may think.

4. L’Oréal

L’Oréal is another well-known name within the cosmetics industry. Not only is L’Oréal currently the largest cosmetics company in the world today, but the kaleidoscope of items that can be encountered is virtually unrivaled. The firm was founded in 1909 and since then, it has been providing bespoke beauty products for the modern woman. Items specifically intended for oily skin such as L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte 24-Hour Foundation are known for excellent coverage levels and a unique “velvety” feel. The long-wearing benefits of this and other cosmetics is a wise choice for women who wish to enjoy a hassle-free foundation.

5. Hourglass Cosmetics

Although perhaps not as famous as some other brands, Hourglass has been consistently raising the bar in terms of cosmetics since its inception in 2004. Its mission is to embrace the concepts of beauty, luxury and science. Numerous colour collections, bespoke textures and streamlined packaging all further add to the appeal of their line of products. Formulations intended to treat oily skin such as Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation will help to provide a long-lasting matte finish and many believe that its appearance actually improves throughout the day. Hourglass is also known for the numerous shades offered with its products. Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation is available in no less than 16 different tones.

6. NYX

There are times when one could instead wish to use the products offered by a local chemist. Although numerous brands are currently available, one of the top choices is NYX. This company currently offers an item known as NYX Cosmetics Shine Killer and Pore Filler. As the name suggests, this is a great option for women who are prone to naturally oily skin. The gel is lightweight and colourless; easily accommodating most make-up application needs. A full daily dose of vitamin E is also an excellent way to maintain the elasticity of one’s skin and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles over time. Besides oily skin foundations, NYX has developed other items such as blushes, setting sprays, bronzers and concealers.

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