Eyeliner Tips – Mastering the Art of Applying Eyeliner

Applying eyeliner is an art not everyone excels at, and you are no exception. Understandably, except for a few makeup specialists and enthusiasts, most women aren’t really born with this necessary skill, neither do they get an opportunity to hone it when there’s very little need or time for makeup each morning.

All it takes is a single line bordering the eyelid to create that stunning effect, and yet the seemingly simple task often proves a great challenge each morning. You start applying the liner on the right eye, go to work on the left one, only to get back to perfect the right one yet again. Before you realise it, you have an overdose of liner on both eyes and are already out of time to start the entire exercise afresh. You’ve no other option but wipe the lines clear, dab some mascara and leave for work. Did we get this right?Let’s help tackle the problem by first looking at your technique of applying the eyeliner.

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Applying Eyeliner – Where and How Can You Go Wrong?

So what are the possible mistakes on your part that prevent you from mastering the simple routine?

Stretching the Eyelid

Instinctively, some of us tend to raise the eyebrow or place a couple of fingers over it while using the eyeliner. While this can offer a better view of the eyelid, it also tends to stretch the skin. Drawing overstretched skin will not result in a perfect line. Once the hold is released, the skin loses tautness and returns to normal state pulling the line down with it, ruining the entire process. Apply the eyeliner with eyes in their natural position for the best finish.

Designing with the Eye Closed

While it is okay to occasionally close the eye to get a neat line initially, you must keep your eye open to achieve that stunning angular finish towards the end of the eyelid. You do know that the line has to move up from the outer tip of the eye to create a torn effect, and with the eye closed, you are most likely to miss that out.

The Wrong Eyeliner

With so many eyeliner formulae in the markets, choosing the right one is important to achieve impressive effects. It is not possible to choose the right formulae without trying them out. So take time or rather make time to test out different types of eyeliners to find out which ones look good and you find easy to apply, given the limited time you have for daily make-up.

Pen and pencil eyeliners are great for practice sessions and daily use. Brush-on, gel, and liquid formulations are for seasoned users, as they set quickly and hardly leave any time for corrections.

Lack of Time or Support

A hurried job most probably will go wrong. However, with adequate support for your arm, you could still manage to pull off an impressive line. Make sure to sit comfortably, place the mirror on the table, and support your arm well before you apply the eye-liner. A stable posture makes it easier to draw a perfect line rather than supporting just an elbow.

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Perfect Eyeliner Drawing – Tips

Let’s get on with a few tips for a great eyeliner job.

    • Ever connected numbered dots to complete a picture? This popular children’s game will come in handy for a neat eyeliner application. Instead of applying the eyeliner in one stroke, break it down into points. Mark the direction and angle of the line using small points and join these dots carefully to draw a fine line.
    • Use small lines instead of points to create an outline and fill the empty space to achieve that angular finish.
    • If you don’t have a steady hand and tend to smudge your makeup, simply go ahead and apply the eyeliner. Just make sure to adjust the spread with an eye makeup remover and cotton swab working from the inner to outer edge of the eye to end up with a clean line!
    • Using an upper lash curler brushed with the eyeliner, you can literally trace a neat line on your eyelid. Just a few finishing touches will do the job.

  • Invest in a “liner designer” from Beauty Blender than rely on your arm!

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