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Choosing The Best Foundation Brush: Reviews and Tips

Our top picks of the best brushes, perfect for powder or liquid foundation.

What is the best foundation brush?

1 – Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

2 – Real Techniques Stippling Brush

3 – Look Good Feel Better Foundation Brush

4 – Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

5 – Lamora Make Up Brush Foundation Kabuki Flat Top

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Foundation brushes can rank as important as foundation itself. Without the best foundation brush to apply your foundation, it can appear uneven or even caked on. However, with the right brush, your skin can look flawless and airbrushed. Brushes can also work with different types of formulas like a cream, liquid or powder foundation. There are also different types of brushes depending on the foundation type you’re using.  Each provides a different finish for the foundation you apply. That can range from full coverage to an airbrushed look depending on the type.

Best Brush For a Full Coverage Cream or Liquid Foundation

1 - Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

This synthetic brush works great with cream and liquid foundation as it blends into the skin perfectly. Its fibers are soft and nonabrasive to the skin, which means it’s perfect for sensitive skin as well. With the bristles closely packed, foundation goes on smoothly and easily. It also means that a little foundation will go a long way, you never have to worry about wasting product. You also won’t have to worry about whether or not you have too much product on your face. Depending on how much coverage you want you can easily build up your coverage accordingly. You can also use this foundation brush for contouring or highlighting when applying your other makeup. This makes it easy to blend foundation on the skin and doesn’t absorb the product. The brush itself is easy to wash and take care of. The bristles won’t fall off or shed on the skin making it an ideal full coverage brush.

Best Foundation For Medium Coverage and For Powder Foundation

2 - Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

This Real Techniques Stippling brush is great for powder foundation. However, it works with liquid foundation as well. The great thing about this brush is that with powder foundation, it doesn’t lose any product. The fibers within the brush keep the foundation packed within the bristles so it applies to skin flawlessly. This brush is also great for bronzer and blush applications making it an all-purpose brush. The angled cut of this brush also allows you to apply your foundation in an airbrushed way. The small size of this brush also makes it easy to apply to the corner of your eyes and the sides of your nose. This allows for more precision with using your foundation and also makes your pores invisible. This brush is also great for dry and sensitive skin since the bristles are soft and synthetic. With this brush, use minimal foundation and a light hand for the best coverage. If you need more coverage, add more accordingly. Once you master the technique of stippling, you’ll have an airbrushed appearance all the time with this brush.

Best Brush for Precision and Liquid Foundation

3 - Look Good Feel Better Foundation Brush

Look Good Feel Better Foundation Brush

This Look Good Feel Better Foundation brush allows for the best precise coverage. Because of the flat shape this brush has, it can easily provide coverage in areas that are otherwise difficult. Even if this brush makes your makeup routine more tedious, the results will show accordingly. With more precision, your foundation will appear evenly on your skin. This also means a smoother base for you to apply all your other makeup. This brush works best ideally with liquid foundation and uses a little product. Due to the nature of the flat shape, a little foundation goes a long way as it applies a very light layer at first. This brush is great for those who want a natural looking foundation on their skin. It doesn’t apply heavily on the skin or wastes any product on the brush. The length of the brush makes it easy to reach the corner of the eyes or nose lightly without being abrasive on the skin.

Best Brush For An Airbrushed Foundation

4 - Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

This Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is the best brush for an airbrush finish with liquid foundation. It’s also one of the most versatile brushes, as it allows you to decide whether you want a dewy or dry finish. Depending on the finish you want you can either wet the sponge for a dewy finish while applying foundation. Or you can use the sponge dry for a dry finish when applying your base. Because of the unique shape of the sponge, you can apply your foundation in the corners of the face with the pointy end. With the rounded edge of the sponge, you can buff out your foundation. And with the flat edge, you can do contouring with any cream based bronzer or blush. This sponge is versatile in that it can be used for a light base or a full-face coverage.

Best Brush For Powder Foundation

5 - Lamora Make Up Brush Foundation Kabuki Flat Top

Lamora Make Up Brush Foundation Kabuki Flat Top

This synthetic kabuki brush is designed for all types of foundations with no preference over any other. It has the capability of applying all types of foundations flawlessly as well as other types of makeup like blush or bronzer. This brush is great for buffing your foundation, as well as stippling depending on the kind of coverage you want. This brush is also great for beginners who are new to applying foundation as it allows for easy and no streak coverage. Due to the larger size of this kabuki brush, a foundation can be applied quickly and easily. This brush goes great with powder foundation as each fiber picks up the powder and applies it on the skin without much fallout. Since this brush is best for powder foundation, it also means it’s perfect for a simple light coverage as your base.


Tips For Choosing The Best Foundation Brush

  • Choose your foundation brush based on the type of foundation you use.
  • If you use a liquid foundation; a sponge, stippling, flat top or overall face brush will work.
  • For cream foundations, it’s ideal to use a stippling or flat top brush as it’ll allow for smoother application. However, you can use a sponge to blend cream foundations.
  • Kabuki brushes are best for powder foundations since they don’t allow for fall out for powder based makeup products.
  • For more precision, choose a stippling, flat top or sponge brush as they’re able to reach the crevices of the face. They also allow for an evener application and decrease the visibility of pores.
  • A stippling brush is perfect for sheer and even coverage.
  • A basic overall face brush is perfect for overall coverage depending on the foundation you use.
  • If you use a liquid formula with a face brush, you’ll begin with full coverage. That means to apply your product sparsely as possible so your foundation doesn’t look streaky.
  • If you want the best brush for a dewy coverage, it’s best to use a sponge wet.
  • A flat top brush is perfect for covering up minor blemishes on the face.
  • If you’re looking for an overall quick brush, always choose a kabuki, face or sponge brush since they require the least amount of effort when applying makeup.
  • Synthetic brushes are best for liquid foundations, meanwhile, natural brushes are usually used for powder foundations.

How To Take Care of Foundation Brushes

  • Make sure to replace sponges every 2-3 months as they collect bacteria quicker than other types of brushes.
  • Wash rounded and kabuki brushes weekly.
  • Wash flat top and stippling brushes daily as they collect the oils on your face on a daily basis. This will prevent you from breaking out often too. The same applies to sponge applicators.
  • Remember when choosing your foundation brush, that it is an investment, so make sure to choose brushes that have softer fibers that aren’t irritating to the skin. That applies specifically to those with sensitive skin.
  • Remember to always blend your foundation with your brush as fingertips have natural oils in them that can make your foundation appear streaky.
  • If you want a dewy application, you may wet your brush lightly. However, don’t drench it as it’ll make your foundation appear uneven. The only exception being with the sponge, where the makeup will apply smoothly regardless.
  • In order to clean your brushes, you can buy brush cleaning formulas.
  • You can use oil to remove excess makeup and rinse the brushes with baby shampoo and let dry.

Top 5 Brands Of Foundations To Try

  1. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation with Comfort Serum – This foundation lasts all day and moisturizes the skin. It also provides medium to full coverage depending on how much you decide to layer.
  2. Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation – This foundation is great for oilier skin types as it reduces shine but also has medium coverage.
  3. Max Factor All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation – This is great for all types of skin, even combination skin. It acts as a primer, foundation, and concealer while providing light coverage.
  4. Make Up Forever HD Foundation – This foundation has a wide array of shades for every skin shade and gives full coverage to the face.
  5. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation – This product is great for a sheer natural application, it evens out your skin tone and gives a satin finish.

Just as a person wants the best foundation for their skin, finding the best foundation brush is just as important. Without the right type of brush, the foundation can look streaky and uneven. You can achieve any type of coverage or look with a foundation as long as you choose a brush that works well with your foundation formula. Remember to keep your brushes clean and you can have the appearance of flawless skin.


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