Best Kabuki Makeup Brush: 2021 Reviews and Top Picks

Just like a painter has different paint brushes, makeup users have different makeup brushes, one of them being a kabuki brush. These are similar to powder brushes except they are stouter and their bristles are more densely packed. They also provide more coverage where you really need it so you can give your foundation or bronzer a smooth airbrush finish. They’re also easy to use and can be a handy little addition to your makeup kit.

Considering that there are many options to choose from, we’ve made a list so you can find what you think is the best kabuki makeup brush:

❶ Makeup Brush Foundation Kabuki Set

Make Up Brush Foundation Kabuki Set - Face and Eye Makeup - Professional Quality Synthetic...
1148 Reviews
Make Up Brush Foundation Kabuki Set - Face and Eye Makeup - Professional Quality Synthetic...
  • ✓ NO SHEDDING - Forget about seing bristles on your face...
  • ✓ SOFT, DENSE AND SILKY - No need to use stiff animal hair...


  • Bristles don’t itch or shed
  • Soft bristles make for ideal use on sensitive skin
  • Easy and even application


  • Slight varnish smell when opened, but eventually dissipates
  • Smaller brushes can be too big for eyeshadow application

Editor's review

This set has bristles that are 100% vegan synthetic and non-porous so they don’t absorb product, not to mention they’re ideal for those that are more environmentally conscious and sensitive to artificial materials. Handmade with a solid wood handle and copper ferrule, you don’t have to worry about these brushes shedding all over the place and are perfect for applying powder, cream, and liquid makeup products.

The soft and silky bristles from these brushes won’t irritate your skin and you won’t have to be concerned about wasting product since they expense product without trapping or absorption. This set comes with 10 kabuki brushes that help you achieve your everyday look with a streak free and even application design.

❷ Professional Malika Jafrin Kabuki 10 Piece Kit

Malika Jafrin Professional Makeup Brush Set, 10 Piece Premium Brushes with Case
734 Reviews
Malika Jafrin Professional Makeup Brush Set, 10 Piece Premium Brushes with Case
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE! Makeup brush set that has good size Kabuki...


  • Brushes are rather easy to clean
  • Broad range of brushes for multiple purposes
  • Soft and non-irritant bristles, good for sensitive skin


  • No angled brush included
  • Precision brush could be smaller

Editor's review

You can feel like a professional makeup artist with this 10-piece kabuki brush kit composed of luxurious bristles and firm wooden handles for flawless blending, contouring, and highlighting. The brushes are made with high-quality vegan synthetic hair, which is much more hygienic and long-lasting compared to natural hair brushes. It also means less stress about fibers falling out and a more smoother application for fantastic looking makeup.

The kit includes kabuki makeup brushes for foundation, blush, concealer, bronzer, and more, giving you the most versatility without breaking the bank. You can even take the kit with you since the brushes are kept in a nifty travel bag, enabling you to keep your makeup looking neat wherever you go.

❸ Nirè Beauty 12 Makeup Brush Set

Niré Beauty Artistry Makeup brush set: Vegan Makeup Brushes with Makeup Brush Holder, Niré...
1593 Reviews
Niré Beauty Artistry Makeup brush set: Vegan Makeup Brushes with Makeup Brush Holder, Niré...
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Create the makeup looks of your dreams with...
  • KNOW YOUR MAKE UP BRUSHES: Tired of never knowing what to do with...


  • Don’t soak up too much product
  • Bristles don’t easily fall out
  • Smooth and soft brushes for even makeup application


  • Chemical-like odor after opening, but goes away after washing
  • Bristles can fall out if constantly washing brushes

Editor's review

In this brush kit includes 12 full sized kabuki makeup brushes, a foundation blending sponge, a tool for cleaning your brushes, and a pro brush holder that separates into two cups. These brushes have 100% vegan-friendly brush fibers that are also antibacterial and hypoallergenic, giving you less skin irritation and better results than brushes made out of animal hair.

Also, to save you more money and product, the exclusive LuzePro brush fibers don’t absorb excess product, and the nifty cleaning tool makes it easier to wash brushes effectively so you can avoid breaking out from filthy fibers. The pro brush holder allows for you to take your brushes with you and are attractive enough to keep them in your bathroom.

❹ USpicy Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes Sets, Uspicy 32Pcs Professional Synthetic Makeup Brushes with Travel Case...
2101 Reviews
Makeup Brushes Sets, Uspicy 32Pcs Professional Synthetic Makeup Brushes with Travel Case...
  • Professional Makeup Brushes Sets: 32-Piece makeup brushes packed...
  • Soft, Dense & Cruelty-Free: Synthetic bristles are finer and...


  • Great for everyday makeup routines
  • Bristles are soft and firm
  • Bag is handy for makeup on-the-go


  • May have a chemical smell when opening due to adhesive
  • Not a lot of blending brushes
  • Some brushes are repeated

Editor's review

This is a great kabuki makeup brush kit if you love a diverse set of brushes for specific application techniques. There are 32 premium quality brushes that come in a high-quality travel pouch to protect and store your makeup essentials. These brushes are ideal for blush, blending, highlighting and contouring, eye shadow, lips, concealer, and a lot more.

Although they look professional grade, these USpicy makeup brushes can be for those just starting out with makeup too! There are multiple eye shadow brushes so you don’t have to clean one brush consistently for when you need a different color. The wood handles make for an easy grip while you put on your makeup before tackling the day.

❺ LyDia Professional Natural Bamboo Handles Makeup Brush Set

LyDia® UK STOCK Professional Natural Bamboo Handles Super Soft Bristles Eco-friendly...
44 Reviews
LyDia® UK STOCK Professional Natural Bamboo Handles Super Soft Bristles Eco-friendly...
  • The item is dispatched from the UK
  • Natural Bamboo, Eco-friendly


  • Bristles are soft on the skin and great with all types of makeup
  • Vegan and eco-friendly
  • Professional quality for affordable price


  • Smallest kabuki brush has no metal collar

Editor's review

For those who want quality and are veering towards more eco-friendly products, these kabuki brushes by LyDia are of professional grade with super soft synthetic bristles that don’t shed easily and keep harm away from your skin. Their handles are made of natural bamboo and are perfect for quick makeup application with photo-ready results.

There are 11 brushes in this set, which includes brushes for concealer, foundation, blending, eye shadow, eye lashes, and eye liner. The powder brush, round eye shadow brush, and angled brush are for your specific makeup application needs for more precision and consistency. You can also carry these brushes in a cream-colored cotton drawstring bag so you can have your makeup tools with you wherever you go.

Buying guide & common questions

What to Look for When Buying Kabuki Makeup Brushes

  • Shape: Kabuki brushes are available in domed, flat, or angled shapes. It's completely up to you which shape is more comfortable for your grip and skin.
  • Bristle Material: Bristles can be made from synthetic hair, natural hair, or a blend of both. If you have sensitive skin, you should consider 100% vegan synthetic brushes to avoid skin irritation. Also, ask yourself the following questions when looking at the entire shape of the brush. Are the bristles arranged properly? Are they in a uniform and consistent shape? Do the bristles easily shed when gently pulled? If you found that none of these issues apply to the brush, it was most likely made with great care.
  • Handle: Whether it's made of wood, metal, acrylic, etc., it should feel comfortable and not too heavy when you're using a brush. A lot of brands may try to market the handles falsely to "enhance" the performance of the brush, which is something to look out for. If your brushes are made of solid or composite woods, keep in mind that wood handles are porous and can expand when exposed to water. The expanded wood will then stretch out the ferrule and can cause the brush head to completely fall off.
  • Price: More expensive brushes aren't necessarily an indicator of quality. Try not to let gimmicks and marketing fool you, it ultimately all depends on how brushes are made.
  • Cleaning: To avoid literally squeezing out product from your brushes when cleaning, make sure you buy brushes with bristles that aren't prone to absorbing your makeup products. This makes for easier cleanup and less change being thrown away


Are synthetic bristles better than natural hair bristles?

The thing about natural hair bristles is that they were the only bristle material we had to make brushes, which is why it became the factory standard. But thanks to technology, synthetic bristles specialize in enhancing brush performance, not to mention they don't break down or shed as easily as natural hair bristles. Plus, a lot of makeup companies nowadays are avoiding having any animal products in their makeup tools for a more environmentally friendly brand name. You can still achieve the same results with synthetic bristles, it's just a matter of preference at this point.

How do I use a kabuki makeup brush?

Kabuki brushes are usually used to buff liquid or powdered product on to the face to create a natural and even looking coverage. When putting on the foundation with a kabuki brush, you want to make sure you are using enough pressure and handling the brush with circular motions.

You can use your finger to puts dots of foundation on your face, then with the brush, take care in distributing your foundation evenly working from the jawline towards the neck, then back up the jawline to your cheeks, nose, and forehead. This technique is the same for when you want to blend in finishing powder. You can also use a kabuki brush to apply blush and mineral powder for a softer look.

How often should I clean my brush?

You should clean your brush regularly, or pretty much every time you're done with your daily makeup routine. This cuts down on bacteria and can prevent unwanted breakouts from dirt and grime built up on the bristles. You may use a regular makeup remover or you can soak them using a combination of shampoo and water.

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